Subaru Fuel Additive (250ml)

Subaru Fuel Additive has been developed to complement Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner SA459 between service schedules and is recommended every 6,000kms. Formulated to reduce combustion chamber deposits, as well as cleaning thus helping the entire fuel system & maintain the vehicle at peak performance between services.

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Product Features & Benefits

  • Combustion Chamber
    The deposit removal pattern of Subaru Fuel additive starts at the intake valve, progressing around the combustion chamber to the spark plug and finally past the spark plug and across the exhaust valve. Subaru fuel additive is a dispersant and not a solvent. Intake system deposits are dramatically reduced. Port fuel injector deposits are reduced in one treatment.
  • It is recommended that one 250ml bottle of Subaru SA718 Fuel Additive be used every 6,000 kilometres.
  • Ensure that the tank is filled to the maximum with fuel in the usual manner.
  • Remove the fuel filler cap and empty the contents of the fuel additive into the tank. The nose of the long neck bottle will open the flap valve in the tank filler pipe to allow the additive into the tank.
  • Replace the fuel tank filler cap in the usual manner.

To purchase additional bottles of Subaru Fuel additive, please speak to your Subaru Retailer.