Bar’s Petrol Fuel System Treatment (350ml)

Why use Bar’s PAL? Automotive fuel systems have always been extremely complex. Evolving from carbureted engines to Port Fuel Injection (PFI) to gasoline direct injection (GDI). Precise operation of these systems is critical to engine performance. As these fuel delivery systems evolved, the fuel did as well. And not always for the better in terms of deposit formulation! The quality of the fuel can have a significant impact on how efficiently the fuel systems function.


  • Port Fuel Injection (PFI) – The fuel injectors are positioned in the air intake ports leading to the combustion chamber. The injectors deliver a precision amount of fuel that atomizes with the air and is then detonated to produce optimum power. Today’s fuels can cause deposits on the injector nozzles. These deposits can cause the spray patterns to become irregular, leading to inefficient combustion, power loss, combustion chamber deposits and increased emissions.
  • Gasoline Direct Injected (GDI) – Unlike PFI, the injectors in a GDI engine, are placed directly in the combustion chamber. Deposits can form on the GDI injectors just as they do in a PFI engine. Due to the extreme temperatures in the combustion chamber, these deposits tend to be extremely hard and are difficult to remove.
  • Intake Valve Deposits – Intake valve deposits are a naturally occurring phenomena when the air fuel charge swirls around the valve when entering the combustion chamber through the air intake port. Intake valve deposits can severely affect the manner in which the air fuel mixture burns. Mileage and power can be reduced by excessive intake valve deposits.
  • Combustion Chamber Deposits – Combustion chamber deposits can form as a result of inefficient fuel spay patters caused by injector deposits. These are the deposits that form on the cylinder head. These deposits can lead to pre-ignition (that rattling sound in the cylinders when the throttle is opened), that can damage the engine.
  • Piston Deposits – Piston deposits can form on top of the piston as a result of poor injector spray patterns causing inefficient combustion. These can lead to pre-ignition and engine damage as well.

Bar’s PAL Fuel Treatment is an extremely powerful, complete gasoline fuel system cleaner. It is formulated with one of the most efficient gasoline detergents available anywhere in the world today. It removes deposits from injectors, (PFI & GDI), intake valves and combustion chambers and help reduce piston deposits. It can provide single tank clean up! Bar’s PAL is in a league of its own. Bar’s PAL is truly an EZ Tune-Up in a Bottle!


  • Increases power, performance
  • Lowers Engine octane requirement
  • Can reduce engine knock and run-on by removing combustion chamber deposits


Product Code: PAL
Size 350ml (12 fl.oz.)