Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Repair (600ml)

As engines accumulate kilometres, its components begin to wear with age and repetitive use. It is not uncommon for the seals and gaskets to become warped and cracked because of extremes in both temperature and pressure. Sometimes the physical damage extends to the combustion chamber, heads and cylinder walls causing severe mechanical problems such as lost compression, excessive exhaust smoke, lost power, and lubricant & cooling system fluid contamination.


Bar’s One-Step Head Gasket Stop Leak and Block Repair penetrates leaking, blown or damaged head gaskets and will cool to provide a seal. This product contains a combination of anti-freeze compatible sodium silicate (liquid glass) and various size sealing particles which penetrate gaps and cracks. Product will then harden to stop leaks in the head gasket and cooling system. This product is recommended for use in vehicles that do not overheat or require coolant filling after allowing the engine to idle for 15-30 minutes. Future minor leaks can be completely prevented by using this product.


  • No need to drain cooling system
  • Will not harm cooling system if used properly
  • One-step formula
  • Seals leaks in entire cooling system
  • Heavy duty formula


Part no: HG-1
Size: 600ml (20 fl. Oz.)