Bar’s Flush Radiator & Cooling System Cleaner (355ml)

Bar’s Flush is a liquid formulation containing special buffing agents to scrub away sludge, scale, rust and oily films in the cooling system. Since the advent of the high compression engines with much higher internal temperatures, more metal surface area and thinner walls, it is more than ever necessary to keep these engine walls clean.


A clean and clear cooling system is critical to normal engine operation. By keeping your cooling system in tiptop shape with Bar’s Leaks Cooling System Flush, you will be assured you will receive the most from your vehicle. When the cooling system is not in proper working condition and free from fluid leaks, it is likely that the engine will run hotter and develop problems faster than expected under normal operational conditions. Running an engine hot will (1) advance the degradation of the lubricants and accelerate oxidation, (2) dry out seals prematurely,, and (3) even crack metal engine and cooling system components.


  • Harmless to metals, rubber, plastic and water pump seals
  • Flush out after cleaning
  • For small to regular size cars


Part no: TMF
Size: 355ml (12 fl. Oz.)