Bar’s Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer (236ml)

Phase separation in gasoline, namely in ethanol-fuel mixtures, has become a widespread problem in the USA since ethanol’s inclusion in gasoline blends in 2011. Other countries mandated the use of ethanol in gasoline blends as early as the 1970s. Ethanol increases the affinity of the gasoline blend toward entrapping water, which is a concern for the gasoline-driven engines of motorists, boaters, farmers, etc.


Bar’s Ethanol Stabilizer can help reduce the affinity ethanol has in entrapping water and inprove One bottle will treat approximately 20 gallons of gasoline. For smaller engines, use ¼ of the bottle for every 5 gallons of gasoline present. A general treatment ratio for larger vehicles is 1 oz. of product per 3 gallons of gasoline.


  • Stabilizes & conditions gasoline
  • Removes water and protects fuel from moisture
  • Reverses & prevents phase separation


Product Code: EFS
Size 236ml (8 fl.oz.)