Bar’s Diesel Fuel System Treatment (350ml)

Today’s diesel engines are extremely sophisticated. They possess highly technical computer controlled high pressure common rail direct injections fuel systems. Proper maintenance of these systems is vital to the efficient operation of the engines. Fuel quality plays a critical role in these maintenance efforts. Bar’s PAL Diesel Fuel Treatment helps ensure the fuel performs as needed.


  • Lubrication needs of the Common Rail High Pressure direct Injection systems – These systems are very complex, with pressures approaching 20,000 PSI. It is critical that the fuel (ULSD- Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) assist in the proper functioning of thee fuel systems. The fuel must lubricate fuel pumps and injectors. Using ULSD with poor lubricating qualities can lead to premature pump and injector failure.
  • Complex injector nozzle fouling – ULSD is believed to be in part, the cause of injector nozzle fouling. This leads to poor combustion, smoke, deposits, loss of power and reduced fuel economy. Internal Diesel
  • Injector Deposits (IDID) – Modern diesel injectors possess extremely tight tolerances inside the injectors. The industry is beginning to see deposits inside the injectors, causing reduced fuel flow and loss of power.
  • Corrosion / water in the fuel systems – The fuel system components of modern diesel engines are extremely sensitive to corrosion and water, which can lead to reduced system / component life.
  • Biodiesel – Many of today’s fuel sources may contain a percentage of biodiesel. In the US, many of these outlets will offer a diesel fuel containing up to 5% biodiesel or more. ULSD with a biodiesel component could play a part in the formation of IDID (Internal Diesel Injector Deposits) leading to power loss. Fuel instability may also be attributable to biodiesel blends. Instability can cause the formation of filter clogging sludge.


  • Increases diesel fuel economy
  • Cleans injectors, reduces deposits
  • Provides additional stability for biodiesel blends


Product Code: PAL-DIESEL
Size 350ml (12 fl.oz.)