Bar's Leaks

External Leaks

An external leak is defined as a leak where the coolant is leaking into open air. When Rhizex particles are present in the coolant and this type of leak occurs, the Rhizex particles will quickly begin to adhere to the outer area of the location of the seepage. The particles will then steadily build inward toward the center of the opening. As the particles come in contact with the outside air, they will expand approximately 15% to form a smooth walled compression seal that continues to contract and expand consistent with the variety of metallic expansion rates found in today’s modern cooling systems.

Internal Engine Leaks

An internal leak is defined as a leak occurring inside the engine, causing coolant and oil cross contamination. Most frequently, leaks such as this occur in or near the combustion chamber where temperatures ofter reach as high as 1000 degrees celsius. When this type of leak occurs with a coolant containing the Rhizex particles, the particles will build up and actually burn to form a hardened seal in the area of the leak.

Coolant-to-Oil Leaks

Coolant-to-oil leaks will contaminate and break down both coolant and engine lubricant. Rhizex saturated in a special oil can help seal this most difficult of leaks. A Rhizex seal builds up at the location of the leak similar to a molecular attraction. There, the combination of heat and seepage can cause the leak to seal.

Lubrication of Water Pump

Lubrication of the water pump will ofter elimination the howl and chatter commonly associated with a pump operation. Bar’s Leaks Stop Leaks & Water Pump Lubrication products can readily control this problem.

Cooling System Rust and Corrosion

Cooling System Rust And Corrosion may produce “hot spot” engine damage often resulting in major engine repair and occasionally complete engine replacement! Bar’s Leaks inhibits rust and corrosion with a special cleansing and buffing agent that continually scrubs away corrosion while repeatedly lifting and re-depositing thin emulsions of protective water soluble oil throughout the entire cooling system.

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Bar’s Leaks

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